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Koniec is a project that arises from the restless mind of Rafael Verdejo. Bachelor of Fine Arts, after some years devoted to photography, in 1997 joined the group of storytellers "Halka Universal Tales," as a musician and storyteller for over ten years. Meanwhile, teaches drawing at a school and courses in theater and puppets for children in the Calidoscopio School of Theatre in Segovia. Participates in campaigns to encourage reading and collaborates with the Company Ay ay ay Teatro on the development and performances of Turkish shadows shows. Under the name of Los Títeres del Ornitorrinco develops its own puppet theater productions, and after a hiatus devoted to other tasks, decides to launch this new project. Koniec is the platform from which to explore the universe of puppets with an open perspective, linking traditional and experimental techniques. An exciting journey with curiosity as a guide, that will lead us to tell stories as far as imagination take us ...